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Someren: I told him to back…

I was at the Saint Patricks event in Someren, which was in itself wonderful and we had a lot of fun. In the tent there was the first older man flirting with me and staring even after I sent him an angry look. Later in the pub was a different man, really drunk, that looked more than forty years my senior that kept trying to talk to me and pushed…

Without me wanting to

Got approached from behind by a strange guy that touched me inappropriately without me wanting to, or me even seeing that he came up to me.


Stichting Fairspace: Hollaback! Nederland!

Hollaback! Nederland is een initiatief van Stichting Fairspace. Wij zetten ons in voor het bestrijden van straatintimidatie, door het delen van ervaringen met straatintimidatie, door daders verantwoordelijk te houden voor hun daden en door beleidsmakers in beweging krijgen. Met jouw hulp kunnen we straatintimidatie op de kaart zetten als een probleem wat ook in Nederland … Continued

#MeToo: ‘Good People Can Do Bad Things’

Feeling burnt-out from #MeToo? So many stories, so familiar to many of us. The good news is important work is being done in the Netherlands to promote discussion and change.   This was clear at the recent event ‘Sexual Violence And Masculinity: How Can Men Do Better?’ hosted by Atria, Institute on Gender Equality and … Continued

Blog: Sexually harassed by gay men and it’s still not OK

Photo credit: Submitted by Ghanwa, 3 July 2017 June is celebrated as Pride Month, a celebration of sexuality, sexual orientations and gender identities. I, a bisexual cis woman, too joined the Utrecht Pride to partake in the celebration and the festivities. However, I soon realized that my idea of sexual liberation and freedom, which finds … Continued