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Anonymous: Hotel guest racial slur

After a visit at the cocktail bar, I was standing in front of a hotel waiting for my ride to arrive and looking on my mobile, when a hotel guest walks up the stairs and out of nowhere says “Ni Hao” to me based on my appearance. I call him out a racist. How dare … Continued

Anonymous: Drive by racism

I was walking from the parking garage with my husband when someone who drove by yelled “NI HAOO!!!” to me out of his window. We couldn’t identity the person who yelled this racial slur because he was already out of sight.

“I’ve had it”

I was walking down with a friend on Oudegracht, a main street with lots of people, during mid day. Three boys, couldn’t have been older than fifteen, started following us mimicking everything I said in what ‘my accent.’ I have always been a strong advocate of speaking out so I turned, red with rage, and … Continued