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“Ik vond er geen zak aan”

Man, circa 50, gezet type, circa 1 meter 75, groen shirt, rijdend in een witte car. Toeterde naar me terwijl ik met een zware doos oud papier naar het recycle station op de Muiderschans liep. Toen hij uitstapte vroeg ik waarom. Hij zei “omdat ik dat leuk vindt”. Ik zei ” nou, ik vond er … Continued


At a Friday night I was cycling home. Not far from my house I noticed a group of about ten male students loudly approaching. I sped up and tried to leave as much space between me and them as possible while I passed them, but as soon as they saw me they blocked my path, … Continued

Brushed off verbal abuse

On international coming out day 2017 my then partner and I were cycling through Groningen after an event with the feminist network and close to our house there is a bus stop and a group of teenage guys was standing there. They noticed us holding hands and started pointing at us, yelling things like “Flikker” … Continued

Homophobic slurs without repercussion

I was sitting in a study room of a university and after a friend of mine left, three guys started talking about me in German, perhaps not realizing that I could understand them. They repeatedly used “Schwul”(Gay) as an insult, and said stuff like ‘thats so gay – and we want nothing of that kind … Continued

Just wanted to rent a bike

At the bike rental place, the guy who rents out the bikes catcalls me every time I come to get a bike. Today he ran after me while I was biking away and grabbed the bike to halt it. He proceeded to talk to me about what I was wearing. I did not feel safe.

Where is the respect?

Just walked in my street to enjoy the evening sun. It’s the first warm evening. Brought a visit to a friend and was still thinking about what we spoke of. I’m fully dressed, appropriate I think. There’s no bare skin to see on me. A man in the age of 60 walks by and spits … Continued

“Hey, Honey!!”

I had parked my car on the parking lot next to the station to get a sandwich in the afternoon. I got out of my car and walked to the station (which I had to cross in order to get to the city centre). A man was standing in front of the station and he … Continued

Anonymous: Cornered at the traffic light and tram stop

I was waiting at the pedestrian crossing for the light to turn green, when at the other side of the crossing a young man turned around to stare at me. I started to feel uncomfortable and tried to hide myself behind the pole of the traffic light. He gestured for me to walk towards him … Continued