Join us!DUTCH_Hollaback Volunteer Call


We are looking for YOU to join our revolutionary global movement!


Join Hollaback! Nederland and help us put an end to street harassment and other forms of discrimination in public spaces in the Netherlands!


WHAT we are

Hollaback! is a global movement to end harassment powered by a network of grassroots activists. We work together to understand harassment, ignite public conversations, and develop innovative strategies to ensure equal access to public spaces. Our mission is to build safe, inclusive public spaces by transforming the culture that perpetuates discrimination and violence.


our WHY

We envision a world where everyone has the freedom to move freely through public space. In this world, women and LGBTQ+ individuals will never face violence and discrimination as they walk down the street, go to school, sit in the park, or participate online or in media. We all have the right to be who we are, whatever that means that day, that hour, that minute.


We do our WHY:

  • Through the power of online and digital storytelling  
  • Through art and performance
  • Through clever social media campaigns
  • Through marching for change
  • Through partnerships with community and non-profits
  • Through the awesome ideas of our changemaker volunteers


We are looking for YOU!


Join Hollaback! Nederland and be empowered to design your own action. YOU are:


  • An artist or passionate about using art to achieve social change
  • A trainer, teacher or youth worker and you want to empower people in your community
  • A social media guru and you’d like to help us with our online campaigns
  • A master in graphic design and can’t wait to create amazing promotional materials
  • A multilingual talent and want to help us fight street harassment in both Dutch and English
  • A star organizer and have creative ideas for actions and events
  • A jack(ette) of all trades with a passion for public justice but not quite sure how to shine– we want to meet you too!


Hollaback! Nederland is looking for people who are passionate about using their skills and background to fight public injustice and to make our streets safer. We’re all about thinking outside of the box and working together for real impact.


Could this be you? Then join us!


your TIME

Most important for us is your dedication and motivation. Depending on the number of events and actions, we ask for an availability of 1 to 4 hours per week. Most of the work will be done online and via e-mail and phone, but we meet in person about once a month, usually in a cozy cafe or bar over a drink. If you are worried about time management, don’t be— we’ve got your back and will work with you to figure out what fits!


WE offer

  • A chance to be part of the biggest movement against anti-street harassment worldwide
  • An opportunity to use your expertise and creativity to achieve social impact for gender justice in your own unique way
  • Online training opportunities together with volunteers from all 67 local Hollaback! sites around the world
  • Access to our network of changemakers and do-gooders
  • Often, we will be able to reimburse travel costs and compensation.



Please let us know  if you are interested in joining the Hollaback! movement and in what way you’d like to contribute.


Send an e-mail to Eve and Laura at [email protected].


It’s time to put an end to street harassment.