Our Team

Hollaback! is an international movement that only consists of volunteers and motivated people, working eagerly apart from their own professional activities to end street harassment once and for all. Our Hollaback! team consists of 2 co-directors:


Eve Aronson- Eve decided to get a team together one day after discovering that the Netherlands did not yet have an online platform to share stories and get resources on street harassment. Eve has previously worked in the anti-human trafficking field and in journalism.


Laura Adèr- Laura is a committed human rights defender and currently works in the fields of journalism and development. She has traveled extensively to the Middle East and provides essential guidance to Hollaback! Nederland’s partnership-building activities.


A growing volunteer network

Our supporters are all hard-working and passionate individuals working in the fields of international law, finance and treasury, social justice, physiotherapy and gender justice. We come a variety of backgrounds including Dutch, French, German, Honduran and American. We are brought together by shared experiences of street harassment in Amsterdam and around the world and our collective drive to action against this phenomenon.


We are always looking for more dedicated folk to support our team as we grow! Please reach out to us at [email protected] for current opportunities!